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Tour planner og guide i Danmark

Guidede ture til København og omegn siden 2019

1. ✅ 6 jul 2019: USA “Flexible tour by car”

2. ✅ 8-9 jul 2019: UAE “Flexible tour by car”

3. ✅ 20 jul 2019: USA “Copenhagen walking tour”

4. ✅ 6 aug 2019: USA “Copenhagen walking tour”

5. ✅ 8 aug 2019: USA “Copenhagen walking tour”

6. ✅ 25 aug 2019: USA “Finding the hidden giants”

7. ✅ 28 aug 2019: USA “Locating ancestors from Lolland”

8. ✅ 31 aug 2019: UK/USA “Roskilde Cathedral and Viking Ship Museum”

9. ✅ 1 sep 2019: USA “Dyrehaven and Louisiana”

10. ✅ 6 nov 2019: Hongkong/Malaysia “Copenhagen and Malmø”

11. ✅ 25 nov 2019: USA “Flexible tour by car”

12. ✅ 23 jan 2020: Australien “Bicycle tour in Copenhagen”

13. ✅ 6 aug 2021: USA “Explore the amazing island of Møn”

14. ✅ 17 aug 2021: USA “Six hours flexible tour by car”

15. ✅ 27 aug 2021: USA “Explore the amazing island of Møn”

16. ✅ 30 dec 2021: USA “Finding the six Forgotten Giants”

17. ✅ 24 mar 2022: UK “Six Forgotten Giants & Amager Ark Viking Ship”

18. ✅ 18. april 2022: USA “Bike tour in Copenhagen”

19. ✅ 9 jun 2022: USA “Eight hours flexible tour by car”

20. ✅ 15 jun 2022: USA “Six hours flexible tour by car”

21. ✅ 3 jul 2022: USA “Six hours flexible tour by car”

22. ✅ 4 jul 2022: USA “Camp Adventure, Stevnsfort & Stevns Klint”

23. ✅ 8 sep 2022: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

24. ✅ 21 dec 2022: Frankrig “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

25. ✅ 16 apr 2023: USA “Hidden Giants”

26. ✅ 9-10 maj 2023: USA “One and a half day flexible tour by car”

27. ✅ 16 maj 2023: USA “Seven hours flexible tour by car”

28. ✅ 7 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

29. ✅ 7 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

30. ✅ 9 jun 2023: USA “Eight hours flexible tour by car”

31. ✅ 18 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

32. ✅ 21 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

33. ✅ 22 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

34. ✅ 23 jun 2023: USA “Viking History Tour”

35. ✅ 26 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

36. ✅ 28 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

37. ✅ 29 jun 2023: USA “Eight hours flexible tour by car”

38. ✅ 30 jun 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

39. ✅ 1 jul 2023: USA “Island of Møn”

40. ✅ 2 jul 2023: USA “Hidden Giants”

41. ✅ 4 jul 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

42. ✅ 9 jul 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

43. ✅ 10 jul 2023: USA “Discover Copenhagen highlights tour” (FDN)

44. ✅ 11 jul 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

45. ✅ 14 jul 2023: USA “Walking tour in Copenhagen”

46. ✅ 31 jul 2023: USA “Camp Adventure & Stevns Klint”

47. ✅ 1 aug 2023: USA “Eight hours flexible tour by car”

48. ✅ 7 aug 2023: USA “Eight hours flexible tour by car”

49. ✅ 30 aug 2023: USA “Finding the six forgotten giants”

50. ✅ 3 sep 2023: USA “Castles and Villages of Northern Zealand” (FDN)

51. ✅ 7 sep 2023: Filippinerne “Camp Adventure & Møn”

7 September 2023: FIVE STARSWe thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Henrik. Aside from the Forest Tower and Møns Klint, he included stops that he thought we would find interesting and he was right! The beautiful manor garden, stone age tomb and church with frescoes are wonderful places to visit. And Henrik is a knowledgeable guide and great company. If you’re traveling to Copenhagen, be sure to get Henrik to show you around. It’s money and day well spent.” – Sophia Bate

1 August 2023: FIVE STARSHenrik did an outstanding job of getting us around Copenhagen and meeting all our requests. We toured much of the downtown, had a canal cruise, and a visit to Tivoli Gardens. He clearly loves the history of the city, and we would have enjoyed spending much more time with him. He had our granddaughters laughing at some Danish terms and also found the best sandwich of our entire trip to Europe. We highly recommend Henrik.” – Pat McVicker

31 July 2023: FIVE STARSWe had a fantastic off-the-beaten-path adventure with Henrik. We had wanted to get out of Copenhagen and explore places we would never have been able to get to on our own, including the Wooden Giants, Camp Adventure, and Stevns Klint. And Henrik delivered! He organized an itinerary and met all of our expectations. As his bio states, he is not an official licensed guide. But, that was inconsequential for what we were looking for! Henrik was great–a flexible fun day! Thanks.” – Eric Hanauer

4 July 2023: FIVE STARSWe did the 6 hour walking tour and it is a lot of steps (6 miles) – but exactly what we wanted. Henrik is well-informed about every part of Danish society – historical, current, religious and military. We skipped the over saturated little Mermaid for the Freetown of Christiania (sp) which was fascinating. Henrik has had a very eclectic background and he often brings his broad personal story to bear to bring unique perspectives. He loves what he does.” – Fred DuVal

1 July 2023: FIVE STARSone of the best we have ever had” – Joel Phillips

30 June 2023: FIVE STARSbest of the best” – Joel Phillips

22 June 2023: FIVE STARSThis was my second tour with Henrik. It was again very much fun full of facts both historical and comical. A truly enjoyable adventure. I can highly recommend Henrik. An all round knowledgeable und charming guide.” – Michael Daum

21 June 2023: FIVE STARSThe tour Henrik was very Knowledge and charming. The tour was full of interesting history apart from the tour guide books. Booked a second tour for the following day. I can highly recommend Henrik.” – Michael Daum

18 June 2023: FIVE STARSThe tour today was outstanding. The amount of territory that we covered, the customized experience, the knowledge shared by my tour guide, and the wonderful human being that he is made this a priceless experience. Do not walk … run to book this guide!” – Patricia Hayling Price

7 June 2023: FIVE STARSHenrik was a great tour guide, knowledgable, interesting and generous with his time. I highly recommend him!” – Jade Roth

7 June 2023: FIVE STARSHenrik is fantastic.. he’s organized, energetic and knows Copenhagen inside and out.. his work and passion for his craft brought the city to life for us.. there isn’t any question that he can’t answer. It’s a big mistake not to have him guide you.” – Bryan Gerstel

16 April 2023: FIVE STARSTimely, engaging, knowledgeable of local culture, my experience was wonderful. He taught me so much about Danish culture and was one of the highlights of my trip.” – Paula Yost

21 December 2022: FIVE STARSVery friendly guide with a sound knowledge of the whole area. We highly recommend.” – Valerie Defaix

8 September 2022: FIVE STARSHenrik designed a most wonderful custom 3 hour walking tour based on our interests! We explored Nyhavn, Christianshavn, Christiana and a delicious introduction to how to enjoy smørrebrød like a Dane. Henrik is very knowledgeable, insightful, engaging and demonstrates joy in sharing his beautiful city. From the moment we met him we felt we were spending the afternoon with a friend. I VERY highly recommend hiring Henrik if you want to see and learn more of Copenhagen than just museums and landmarks.” – Christine Frye

4 July 2022: FIVE STARSHenrik was an excellent guide. He was very knowledgeable and accommodating, We enjoyed his company as much as the tour he planned for us. We felt we made a friend in Copenhagen We would definitely book with him again!” – Linda Tutin

3 July 2022: FIVE STARSWe had a wonderful day with Henrik. A last minute plan to add another excursion to our trip and we were so glad we did. We left first thing in the morning from downtown Copenhagen to make it to Frederiksborg in time for the opening. We then traveled through the countryside and Henrik brought us to the edge of the sea for a delightful lunch. We worked our way to Kronborg and a final stop and tour of the Louisiana Art museum. It was a wonderful day and we learned and saw so much” – Kara Dillon

24 March 2022: FIVE STARSI thoroughly enjoyed my tour with my guide Henrik, he was so knowledgeable and had experience in everything, he was also friendly and made me feel like a friend I’d known all my life. We had a great time finding the 6 Forgotten Giants in the Danish country side not far from Copenhagen. The sculptures are brilliant every one different and as impressive as the next. My guide Henrik took pictures of me with them and these will be lasting memories of a holiday of a life time. Thank you Henrik ***** ” – Chris Sim

30 December 2021: FIVE STARSThis tour was awesome. Henrik is so well traveled and knowledgeable. Beyond the excitement of finding the Giants, Henrik offer so much education and further information on Denmark you may not get elsewhere. Having 4 young boys, I was hoping this tour would show them different aspects of Copenhagen in addition to the beautiful works of art that are the 6 Giants and it did not disappoint. We all had a blast, truly enjoyed the tour, learned a lot as well and enjoyed all Henrik offered us! Thank you!” – Mary Denning

27 August 2021: FIVE STARSGreat day with a fantastic guide. Very flexible with our itinerary. We saw everything planned and then some. Very knowledgeable with an amazing educational background in anthropology and world-wide travel experiences to share. We especially enjoyed the added visit to Stevn’s Klint and the old and new Hojerup churches. The old one has partly fallen of the cliff into the ocean. He stopped whenever we wanted a photo stop. If there were 6 stars, I would have given him that rating !! A great day !!” – James Cross

6 August 2021: FIVE STARS “Would highly recommend this tour. Was flexible and we added a stop at Camp Adventure to climb the tree top walkway. On to Mons Klint, a must see. The gravesite passage tomb was a great piece of Danish history as well as Fanefjord Church. We would have never found the last two spots on our own and so enjoyed them! It was like traveling with an old friend. Henrik was very knowledgeable and enjoyed the conversation!! Let this tour guide plan your day and you can relax and enjoy the day!”Nancy O’Connor

25 November 2019: FIVE STARS “Henrik is very friendly, personable, punctual, and offered a flexible itinerary, which we appreciated. We had a great day traveling all over Denmark. Thanks!” – Mark Wochner

6 November 2019: FIVE STARS “Henrik is a very knowledgeable and helpful guide. He was very accommodating and friendly – making our tour very enjoyable. He wasn’t just our guide, he became a friend. We highly recommend him!” – June Choon

1 September 2019: FIVE STARS “We had a fantastic day with Henrik, who provided exceptional guide service with warmth, humor and flexibility. Our original tour plan had to be modified because of an injury I suffered a few weeks before our trip. I emailed Henrik and he promptly responded with a new plan that left both my husband and myself happy. Our interests are very broad, and Henrik was able to accomodate everything from hiking to art to history to food to architecture, and more besides. He went far above and beyond. Thanks, Henrik!” – Beth Pirkle

31 August 2019: FIVE STARS “Wonderful experience. We enjoyed visiting Roskilde Cathedral and the superb and comprehensive tour of the Viking ship Museum! A lovely day with a friendly and interesting guide.” – Colin Faulkner

25 August 2019: FIVE STARS “We were all very impressed and pleased with Henrik, who put together a customized tour based on our preferences and timetable. He was knowledgeable, professional, and very personable. We plan to use him again next year when in Denmark.” – Joy Salmon

6 August 2019: FIVE STARS “We so enjoyed our day with Henrik. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and flexible. Highly recommend his services.” – Lacey Gourley

20 July 2019: FIVE STARS “Henrik treated us to a very enjoyable and informative tour of Copenhagen — felt like we were visiting with an old friend showing us around his city. Henrik did a wonderful job of adjusting to accommodate our special needs. He is an engaging guy with a very interesting background, and was very well prepared for our tour. It was clear to us that he always strives to provide excellent service and a memorable experience for his clients.” – Jeff Kirchmann

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